Asian Exotic Beers

Not your typical craft beer… these beers are Asian inspired with low acidity and a clean crisp finish


Asian Gold

Kolsch Style Beer

Light, but complex with smooth champagne style character. It has the drinkability and the repeatability of a great tasting beer. It’s creamy and clean with a refreshing finish

  • Sweet floral aroma
  • Light body

Pair with sushi, poulty, red meats, and seafood.

  • ABV 4.6%
  • IBU 24


Asian Pear

Asian Pear Kolsch

It’s light and crisp with touch of fruitiness. Starts with a nice fragrance followed by a creamy and refreshing clean finish. Asian Pears are exceptionally juicy with a sweet low acid flavor and fragrant. Enjoy a hint of Asia.

  • Sweet floral aroma with a hint of sweetness
  • Light body

Pair with sushi, Asian wings, stir fry, and bibimbop

  • ABV 4.6%
  • IBU 24


Asian Orange

Blood Orange IPA

Starts mildly sweet with a distinct blood orange taste that transitions to a well-balanced light hoppy finish. Smooth start, slightly dry and a clean finish.

  • Blood orange cirtus aroma, and pine hop up front. Lighter are the caramel notes.
  • Medium body

Pair with ramen noodles, fresh seafood, and salads.

  • ABV 4.2%
  • IBU 45


Not your typical craft beer… Exotic Asian ingredients adding complexity for a truly unique taste


Asian Black


Starts with a full body roasted coffee flavor with a hint of dark chocolately sweetness. Malts really come through on the finish. Smooth creamy feel throughout with light carbonation.

  • Roasted coffee, sweet aroma
  • Full body

Pair with roasted pork, stew, and savory duck dishes.

  • ABV 6.5%
  • IBU 34

Sumo Line

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